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Although a majority of Canadians are regular divers, not everyone knows when they should get their tires changed. On average, tires on an automobile should be changed at least every five to six years. The maximum lifespan that tires should have on a car is ten years after which they must be changed regardless of the tread quality. Just regular use gradually wears down tire tread but tire abrasion can happen more quickly if you are not properly inflating your tires or if they are not aligned correctly. Aggressive braking –the use of unnecessary force to stop a vehicle –can also affect the performance of your tires over time. As well, colder temperatures, especially the deeper freezes common across Canada, can reduce the pressure in your tires. Therefore, frequently inspecting the tread depth and the condition of your tires is a good way to know not just when to change them but if there are any other maintenance your vehicle may need.