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Spring has arrived as the snow melts and the sun shines! The new season also means it’s time for tire changing and seasonal vehicle check-ups. As you ‘spring’ out of your home to enjoy the outdoors, make sure to spend some time on simple ways to prepare your automobile for the warmer weather.

  1. Check your tire pressure before removing and storing your winter tires. Give each tire a little inspection to make sure all four are well maintained and ready for storage. Check for nails or any other damage before having them stored. This little check in is also good for your summer tires before putting them onto your vehicle, ensuring they are secure and ready for a full season.
  2. Give your car a checkup. While your car is at the mechanic or on the lift, take the opportunity to have an expect take a good and deeper look at the vehicle – whether it be for an oil change or something more serious, your car needs to be looked after in order to ensure it is safe for summer driving and road trips.
  3. Change your accessories: if you are a driver who changes your wipers, washer fluid and additional car accessories seasonally, it is better to make all adjustments at once, rather than potentially causing damage by leaving winter accessories on during the warm season.
  4. Last, but certainly not least, commit to doing any of the repairs necessary to maintain your car in its best shape. Say no to procrastination! Lingering or un-serviced issues can lead to danger on the road and certainly greater financial burden. Even if money is tight, consider your financing options like quick loans based on the value of your car provided by FIX4 Capital. This will allow you to ensure a safe vehicle on the road, and a safe loan off the road.

The seasons may change, but common sense and preventative maintenance remains the best approach, time and time again!